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Puzzle Tov
Puzzle Tov

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A Collection of Jewish Brainteasers, Puzzles, and Enigmas to Drive You Totally Meshugganeh!
Author: Peter Weisz
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $14.95 
Special Price: $13.15
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9652299219
ISBN 13: 9789652299215
Catalog Number: g912 / 921-5
Number of Pages: 121
Year Published: 2017

Challenging riddles, enigmas, logic problems and mind-benders, all with a Jewish twist.

Jews have always been a puzzling people. In both senses of the word. We have certainly caused consternation and bewilderment over the ages (just contemplate the mysteries of gefilte fish, for example). And we have, by and large, always enjoyed a good intellectual mind-bender.
From dreidels to Dungeons & Dragons, Jews have enjoyed a tradition of dreying their kops. And youíll find plenty that will cause you to do just that in this book. In these pages youíll find some classic puzzles, lovingly collected over the years. Youíll also encounter brand new ones, created especially for this book. Each contains a bit of a Jewish twist to add to the flavor. But, like they used to say about the rye bread...
You donít have to be Jewish to enjoy this book!
So strain your brain and try your hand at these kosher conundrums, and if you do well, then congratulate yourself and say: Puzzle Tov!

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