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Rashi The Magic and the Mystery
Rashi The Magic and the Mystery

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Keys to Unlocking Rashi's Unique Commentary
Author: Avigdor Bonchek
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $19.95 
Special Price: $19.20
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9652297798
ISBN 13: 9789652297792
Catalog Number: 9789652297792 / g779a / 779-2
Number of Pages: 128
Year Published: 2015

The magic spell cast by Rashi on the Jewish nation over eight centuries ago continues to enlighten and enchant us. What is the secret of Rashi's commentary? How can we comprehend Rashi's greatness? The renowned author of What's Bothering Rashi? now presents clear methodological principles for unlocking Rashi's commentary. Rashi: The Magic and the Mystery explicates the analytical tools necessary for probing Rashi's Torah commentary in depth. The reader will find answers to such questions as:
Why does Rashi define simple words?

Why does Rashi change the wording of midrashim that he quotes?

Given that both Rashi and his grandson Rashbam were committed to pshat interpretation, how can we understand the disparities in their commentaries?

How do Rashi's goals for his commentary differ from the goals of the Midrash?

The student will find here rules never-before elucidated, complete with numerous examples. In addition, the book contains a brief biography of Rashi, illustrating how Rashi's character influenced his commentary. After reading the book the reader will see Rashi's commentary in a brighter light and gain a clearer appreciation of Rashi's genius.

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