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Penalty and Temptation
Penalty and Temptation
Hebrew Tales in Ashkenaz (Hebrew Edition)
Author: Rella Kushelevsky
Price: $39.00
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9654934493
ISBN 13: 9789654934497
Catalog Number: 9789654934497

Penalty and Temptation: Hebrew Tales in Ashkenaz by Rella Kushelevsky, discusses thirteen tales copied in MS. Parma 2295 (thirteenth century, North France). The tales, which originated in Rabbinic Literature and in medieval story compilations from the East, were re-worked and re-formulated in Ashkenaz. A careful reading of these narrative versions, mostly published here for the first time, and an attentiveness to their unique characteristics compared to classic and modern versions, portrays a broad and panoramic view of Ashkenazi culture: concrete depictions of Paradise and Hell, martyrdom as a central value, repentance practices and other central topics in Ashkenazi piety, as well as images of women and religious symbols from the non-Jewish surroundings. The book offers a double perspective: literary, since these narratives are artistic works in every respect, and hermeneutic, since they trigger a multi-participant dialogue. The readings offered in Penalty and Temptation are the result of the interaction between narratives copied in North France themselves readings of earlier narrative traditions and the reader, who becomes acquainted with different modes of being while also similar to his or her own. Ashkenaz in this book is not a historical reality but a fictive entity that bestows this reality with significance, and in which the reader takes part in its establishment.