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Christianity and Judaism
Christianity and Judaism

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Two Covenants
Author: Yehezkel Kaufmann
Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press

Price: $34.30
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652236942
Catalog Number: 9652236942
Number of Pages: 230
Year Published: 1995

The writings of Yehezkel Kaufman (1889-1963), late Professor of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, fall into three main categories: Bible studies, of which the four-volume History of the Religion of Israel is the magnum opus; socio-historical analysis of Jewry’s fate and existence as a diaspora-nation community, with the two-volume Golah ve-Nekhar (Exile and Estrangement) being its most outstanding scholarly undertaking in this regard; finally topical articles dealing with immediate socio-political problems of Zionism and the emerging State of Israel.
This book comprises three successive chapters from Yehezkel Kaufman’s Golah ve-Nekhar which, though intrinsically related to the central topic of that work, constitute a distinct unit of its own. The basic difference between Judaism and Christianity is here defined as two forms of covenant being in conflict with each other.

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