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Heart of fire
Heart of fire
Price: $40.00 
Special Price: $36.00
ISBN 13: 9789652013057
Year Published: 2021

For a Soviet girl, Alexandra was born to the right parents in the right place and at the right time. The gods greeted her with beauty and talent. She fulfilled all the expectations her parents and teachers had placed on her, but from a young age, she faced painful experiences and discovered dark secrets. She lives a life full of contradictions: at school, she was an outstanding student and leader of Komsomol, while having an affair with one of the heads of the Russian Mafia; In her twenties, she was a revered TV star, married to the most wanted man in town, whom she did not love, and enjoyed more and more success in a society she hated. But she could go on like this.
But one day a phone call arrives that forces her and her husband to leave everything behind and immigrate to Israel. Shortly afterwards their marriage collapses and Alexandra is left destitute, with a small baby, no language, no ties and no penny. At once it is thrown from the summit into the abyss.
But no woman like Alexandra would let circumstances dictate the course of her life. She gets to her feet and finds herself rolling from Jerusalem to the diamond exchange in Ramat Gan; From Israel to the diamond industry in the Congo; From the killing fields of the Congo to the circles of high society in Manhattan; And from Manhattan to Israel to the Vatican, where everywhere it has to deal with difficulties and reveals threatening secrets.
Alexandra's journey is a dizzying and breathtaking adventure story of psychic powers, of survival and of overcoming obstacles. She learns to love, to believe in herself, to give and to take.

Heart of Fire is a book you will not want to lay in your hands from the first page to the last.

Olesia Cantor is a curator, shift and gemologist. She is working on special projects at the Vatican Museum. In the past, she served as a senior media woman in the Soviet Union and wrote research and articles on spirituality. She has lived in Africa, the United States and Italy. Lives in Israel. She is a mother of four daughters.

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