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Padani - Sipur Mishpachti (Hebrew)
Padani - Sipur Mishpachti (Hebrew)
Padani - Sipur Mishpachti
Author: Shifra Horn
Price: $32.00 
Special Price: $29.00
ISBN 10: 11201524
Number of Pages: 189
Year Published: 2021

Padani - Sipur Mishpachti is a three-generation saga based on the true story of the Padani jewelry family. The family story begins in Odessa after the October Revolution, and spans throughout the Holocaust and World War II until immigration Israel after 1948.

The future of the family changes when Henry, the patriarch, who was a jeweler in Belgium and forced to work in Israel as a bartender, meets a wealthy businessman who asks him to design a bracelet for his wife. The immaculate quality of his work paved the way for Henry and quickly became the token of the Padani Company, which set up its first store at the Sheraton Hotel in 1962.

This is the captivating story of Henry Padney, a talented and diligent goldsmith, who survived the Holocaust and became the leading jeweler in Tel Aviv from the days of the establishment of the state.

Today, the Padani company is considered the leading jewelry chain in Israel.

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