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HBRICH (Hebrew)
HBRICH (Hebrew)
The escape
Price: $30.00 
Special Price: $26.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 11201485
Number of Pages: 368
Year Published: 2020

Your daughter was lost.
She is addicted to drugs, and has a violent boyfriend. She made it clear that she did not want you to find her. So she ran away.
A young woman is playing in the street near Central Park.
She's similar to your daughter but scared, and seems to have gotten into something.
No time to think, need to approach it. She needs to be brought home.
Every parent would do that. Even if it means entering a dangerous world he has never visited.
Even if it would endanger the rest of the family.
To protect your daughter, it is not enough to find her.
The solution to the escape mystery must also be found.

Harlan Coban's thrillers have sold more than seventy million copies worldwide, including countless bestsellers that have topped the New York Times list - Do Not Leave, Stranger, Your Mistake (published by Kinneret Zmora) and more. His books have been published in forty-three languages ​​and have starred in bestseller lists in a dozen countries. He lives in New Jersey.

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