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Rudi Weissenstein Israel Early Photographs
Rudi Weissenstein Israel Early Photographs

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Author: Ori Dvir
Price: $48.58 
Special Price: $36.70
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9657141559
ISBN 13: 9789657141557
Catalog Number: g155
Number of Pages: 176
Year Published: 2008

These rare black and white photographs, some of which have never been previously published, reveal Israel layer by layer, starting from the 1930s. The book is a journey through time to the virginal landscapes, the streets of the cities, and the landmark events and those of lesser significance. The book offers a loving view of the people who started everything here.

Rudi Weissenstein, 1910-1992, immigrated to pre-State Israel, Palestine, in 1936, with a camera, a press card and 10 Palestinian pounds in his pocket. His dedication and love of photography soon made him one of the most professional and well respected photographers in the country. All the country's who's who made pilgrimage to his photography store, the Tzalmania.

Rudi Weissenstein immortalized the amazing creation and establishment of the new country with a quarter of a million negatives containing pictures that became milestones of Israeli culture.

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