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Kayla and Kugel
Kayla and Kugel
Author: Ann D Koffsky
Price: $9.95 
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 1681155028
ISBN 13: 9781681155029
Catalog Number: d502az / D-5029
Number of Pages: 24
Year Published: 2015

Kayla's dog Kugel is a big help as Kayla sets the table for Shabbat . . . despite a few paw prints on the tablecloth, a missing Kiddush cup, and other mishaps. When they're done, even Kugel knows that a beautiful Shabbat needs one more thing family!
An author note at the end explains the values of shalom bayit (creating peace in the home), and hiddur mitzvah (using beauty to enhance a religious practice), and provides discussion prompts for readers.