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Is Everything Just a Coincidence?
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Is Everything Just a Coincidence?

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Author: Haim Averbuch
Price: $14.95 
Special Price: $12.00
ISBN 10: 965229780
ISBN 13: 9789652297808
Catalog Number: 780-8 / g780a
Number of Pages: 150
Year Published: 2015

Why was the universe created? Is there a Creator? What is my connection with Him? What is the purpose of my existence in this world? Why is there so much injustice? Facing personal tragedies, diseases, natural disasters, and the death of young people – even children and babies – causes a loss of faith. It’s not surprising that we ask ourselves: Where is God? This book is an exploration of these fundamental questions. In plain and simple language, the author tries to open the reader’s eyes to all that is about us, and to provide a framework for clearly addressing the important issues of human existence. Nondenominational in approach, addressed to a wideaudience, Coincidence closes the distance so many adults have put between themselves and God, encouraging a wholesome and authentic perspective on life. Brightly illustrated with wellchosen, fascinating images, this exploration of the created world and our place in it will be of interest to any thinking person who wants to live a meaningful life.

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