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Pocket Dictionary of Conversational Palestinian Arabic
Pocket Dictionary of Conversational Palestinian Arabic
Author: J. Elihay
Price: $20.00 
Special Price: $14.00
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Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9657397448
ISBN 13: 9789657397442
Catalog Number: d744 / 8-739-744
Number of Pages: 200
Year Published: 2013

This pocket English-Arabic dictionary of the Palestinian dialect offers a varied and practical basic vocabulary of 1,000 words, together with 1,500 sentences drawn from everyday speech that illustrate how each word should be used. The dictionary’s contents appear in precise Latin transliteration that includes indication of where the stress should fall, enabling the user immediately to pronounce each word and phrase clearly and accurately. This little book is a convenient and practical tool both for learners seeking a way to communicate with Arabic-speakers and for more advanced students who wish to enlarge their vocabulary and acquire a more idiomatic knowledge of the language.