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Chana Levitan is a renowned educator, author, lecturer, and relationship coach. Through her extensive professional experience over the past 22 years, she has counseled literally thousands of women and men. Chana resides in Jerusalem with her husband and children. Her driving passion is to give people the tools they need to trust themselves and their abilities to create a successful marriage…the first time around.

'If you’ve ever been to one of Chana Levitan’s classes, you’ll understand why the room is always packed. After a couple of decade's of counseling singles and teaching about the art of love, this wise and intuitive educator was able to break through the complexities of human nature to help us understand how to improve ourselves—and our relationships. Graceful, funny, and insightful, Chana Levitan has a way of giving over life-changing advice that leaves each listener thinking that the class was designed just for him or her.'
Sarah (Felix) Glazer, freelance editor, formerly of Good Housekeeping

Books: “I Only Want to Get Married Once”
Topics to speak about: Dating, marriage, personality development
Preferred regions to speak in: anywhere
Significant past appearances: Jewish students groups at UCLA, Emory, NYU. CTN in Chicago, University Heritage Retreats in Canada, JLE in Los Angeles, Ohr Naava in Brooklyn, Sheefa on Long Island
Do you have any future scheduled appearances, if so what is the venue, date, contact and topic?
Jan. 31-Feb 13:
London-8 lectures
LA—one lecture
San Francisco—Berkley, Stanford and more
NY—Aish Manhattan
New Jersey—Teaneck

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That's Why I Married You
That's Why I Married You
Price: $12.95
How to Love with Personal Differences
In my 25 years of working with singles and co...
I Only Want to get Married Once
I Only Want to get Married Once
Price: $12.95
Dating Advice by Jerusalem Dating Coach
For 22 years, Chana Levitan has been educatin...