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After serving as a minister for the Lutheran Church for twelve years, Shlomo Ben Avraham Brunell decided to leave his life of Christianity behind and convert to Judaism, later immigrating to Israel from Finland in 1996 with his wife and four children.

Books: Strangers No More; One Family's Exceptional Journey from Christianity to Judaism. (Gefen 2005)
Topics to speak about: About our family journey to Judaism, My strange path from Christian Minister to Orthodox Jew, Inspirational talks about Judaism, The importance of knowing one's religious identity. About making Aliyah. Why Judaism, etc.
Preferred regions to speak in: anywhere
Significant past appearances: Lectured in Baltimore, NY, Miami, Boston during my book tour in 2005. Lectured in shuls and for organizations in Israel (in English) since 2002. TV appearence in Finland, documentary program 2005 (in Swedish). Featured in several newspapers and magazines both in English and Hebrew; latest in Yediot Ahronot weekend magazine 29.10.2010

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Strangers No More
Strangers No More
Price: $12.95
One Familys Exceptional Journey
In his new book, Strangers No More: One Famil...