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A Garden Eastward in Eden
A Garden Eastward in Eden

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Traditions of Paradise
Author: Rachel Elior
Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press

Price: $48.75 
Special Price: $36.95
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9654934612
ISBN 13: 9789654934619
Catalog Number: 9789654934619
Number of Pages: 456
Year Published: 2010

A Garden Eastward in Eden – Traditions of Paradise: Changing Jewish Perspectives and Comparative Dimensions of Culture

Table of Contents



A. Garden of Eden in Antiquity

Yair Zakovitch, Is The Tree of Knowledge The Tree of Life?

Nathan Wasserman, `And the Earth Was Revealed in all Its Beauty`: Remarks on the Literary Traditions of Paradise and Creation of the World in Ancient Mesopotamia and in the Bible.

Leah Mazor, “The Journey of the Magical River from the Temple to the Sea (Ezek 47, 1-12): The Removal of Chaos and a New Creation.”

Rachel Elior, `The ‘Garden of Eden was the Holy of Holies and theDwelling of the Lord`.

B. Garden of Eden in Late Antiquity

Serge Ruzer, “Earthly Paradise as Homeland, Jerusalem as Remotest Exile: Inverted Sacred Geography and Linguistics in the Syriac `Cave of Treasures`.”

Sergey Minov, The question of Sexuality in Paradise as reflected in Late Antiquity Biblical Exegesis - Between the Sages and the Fathers of the Church.

Hannah Wortzman, Seduction and Sin in the Greek Life of Adam and Eve.

Nurit Hirshfeld, “From Which Tree did Adam and Eve Eat in the Garden of Eden?”

C. Garden of Eden in the Liturgy and in the World of the Sages

Dalia Marx, `And Mystery is Paradise`: The Garden of Eden in Jewish Liturgy.

AvigdorShinan, `On Those who Entered theGarden of Eden Alive`.

D. Paradise in the Medieval Period Amitai Harosh, `And from thence it was parted, and became into four Heads` (Gen 2:10): Paradise in the Writings of Salomon Ibn Gabirol.

Micha Goodman, The Law of the Torah as a return to Paradise: Maimonides Perception of the Law.

Oded Yisraeli, The Tree of Life and its Roots – A History of a Kabalistic Symbol.

Elisheva Revel-Neher, Between Heaven and Earth: the Heavenly Ladder in Jewish and Christian Medieval Art.

Ithamar Theodor, The Star of the Cows - the Highest Heaven in the Krishnaite Tradition.

E. Garden of Eden in the Modern Period

David Fishelov, `But We Must Cultivate Our Garden`: Paradise Lost/Found in Robinson Crusoe and Candide.

Yahil Zaban: `A Place for Love`: the Literature of the Enlightenment and the `Pleasant Place.`

Yehuda Moraly, A Revolution in Paradise: Representations of Paradise on the Twentieth Century Stage and Screen.

Uri Hollander, Miłosz Enterd the Pardes: On Czesław Miłosz`s Utopic Perception.

F. Paradise in Sociology, psychology and Anthropology

Yoram Bilu, `The Gateway to Paradise` in Beit She`an: Between Personal Symbol and Cultural Tradition in a Holy Site.

Chaim Noy, Touristic Paradises: A Critical Rendering of Modern Vacationscapes.

Adam Klin-Oron, End-of-Days Visions in Twentieth-Century Channeling: From the Age of Aquariusto the New Age.

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