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To Succeed in Hebrew Bet Advanced Level
To Succeed in Hebrew Bet Advanced Level

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Lehatzliach Be-ivrit Beit Lamitkadmim -
Author: Meira Maadia
Price: $42.00 
Special Price: $40.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9657493056
ISBN 13: 9789657493052
Catalog Number: D-777-4 / g305
Number of Pages: 218

The book To Succeed in Hebrew- Bet -Advanced Level- is intended for advanced students of Hebrew in Ulpans, universities and schools. The book enables students to acquire the language in an innovative, exciting and interesting manner and gives the students good mastery of the basics of the Hebrew language. The book includes interesting reading passages, accompanied by various exercises in reading comprehension and in linguistic - semantic analyses.Texts are taken from various areas: literature, science, history, geography, Zionism and Judaism. The texts are accompanied by exercises in syntax (sentence structure) as well as explanations of sentence structure and the logical-semantic connectors within sentences. Likewise, the book contains exercises on verbs - the active tenses, passive tenses, and the connections between them as well as rules and exercises in proper spelling. Spelling without mistakes appears in the Spelling Clues Corners in the book. Passages with Israeli slang that appear in the book combine humor with a learning experience in an enjoyable form.

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