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Judges for Our Time
Judges for Our Time

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Contemporary Lessons from the Book of Shoftim
Author: Steven Pruzansky
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $18.00 
Special Price: $15.95
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652294373
ISBN 13: 9789652294371
Catalog Number: 437-1 / g437
Number of Pages: 228
Year Published: 2009

In its accounts of victories and defeats, conquests and liberation, the sordid tales of spiritual corruption, and the relentless struggle to maintain a Jewish state in the face of implacable enemies, the Book of Shoftim reads like today's headlines.

In the sixty years of modern Jewish statehood, there has been a remarkable - though unsurprising - recurrence of almost everyissue tackled by the judges in their time: foreign enemies, incessant terror, asymmetrical warfare, the role of women in public life,intermarriage, converts, religion and state, pluralism, diplomacy, and for peace, and an imperfect - and occasionally grievously flawed - leadership.

Learn how Jews of ancient times — guided by the divine wisdom of the Torah — overcame strife, disunity, and even civil war, and how the modern State of Israel serves as a similar bridge between the exile and the restoration of the faithful Torah state with the monarchy of King David’s descendants. Rabbi Pruzansky directly confronts the controversial issues in the public domain today, and uncovers the secret to modern Jewish governance. Judges for Our Time shows clearly how the Book of Shoftim is profoundly relevant to our era.

(Judges for Our Time)brings immediacy and life to the great characters portrayed Judges
in the Book of Judges.

Rabbi Berel Wein
Rav of Bet Knesset Hanasi, and noted historian and lecturer

The message for our time that flowssonaturally from the author's pen makes Shoftim a guide to current events. Rabbi Pruzansky expresses the prophetic message clearly, emphatically and boldly.
Rabbi Sholom Gold

Rabbi Pruzansky has shown that the writings of our prophets are not simple books of history meant to teach us events of the past but are voices of prophecy, carrying with them Divine lessons for the future. His penetrating analysis of the period of the Judges and its application to our own day reminds us that our Holy Scriptures are both timeless and timely. This volume is an essential addition to the library of anyone who believes that the messages of yesterday still speak to us and still direct us today.
Rabbi Neil Winkler
Young Israel of Fort Lee, New Jersey

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