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What We Don’t Know About God and People in the Bible (Exodus)
What We Don’t Know About God and People in the Bible (Exodus)

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Over 400 Examples
Author: Israel Drazin
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

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US release Date: 8/18/2024
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ISBN 10: 9657801613
ISBN 13: 9789657801611
Catalog Number: 7801-53
Number of Pages: 161
Year Published: 2024

The December 13, 2021 edition of The New Yorker has an article about the famed actress Greta Garbo called “The Retiring Sort” by Margaret Talbot. She reveals that the film director of the 1933 film Queen Christina told Garbo that she must “make her mind and heart a complete blank, empty her face of expression, so that the audience could impose whatever emotion they wanted on it.” The audience
would decide for themselves what her reaction was to the murder of her lover. The Bible is similar.

We need to understand that the Bible is obscure, think about what we are reading, decide how we want to interpret events and what people and God are doing, and learn from our thoughts. In the philosopher Plato’s book Apology, he tells us that his teacher, the great philosopher Socrates, was considered the wisest man because only he admitted being ignorant rather than pretending he knew something when he did not. As a result, Socrates asked questions, just as we should.

Pointing out the obscurities in scripture should not be understood as being critical. It emphasizes that the Bible is prompting us to think.

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