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Baby Blues (Hebrew)
Baby Blues (Hebrew)
Baby Blues
Author: Miriam Kotz
Price: $32.00 
Special Price: $29.00
ISBN 13: 978-965-201-199-2
Number of Pages: 288
Year Published: 2021

At the age of forty, Robin gives birth to her daughter and loses her mother on the same day, and sinks into postpartum depression. What begins as a small depression, a kind of baby blues in the language of her psychologist, erupts like a tsunami, sweeping away her married life with it.

In the maternity ward, when she is estranged from everyone and especially her baby daughter, Robin clings to the notebooks her mother left her. Reading the mother's written monologues in front of the daughter's critical monologues creates powerful insight into the most complicated subject of all - mother-daughter relationships.

While reading the notebooks, Robin looks for clues to find out her father's identity, but slowly she realizes that along with the old searches and resentments that resurface, she also makes the first step on the biggest journey of all - the journey home.

Miriam Kotz tells a family story that unfolds over three generations and three continents while exposing the complex undertones of family dynamics.

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