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Mindful Fundraising
Mindful Fundraising

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Author: Sagi Melamed
Price: $30.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 965229974X
ISBN 13: 9789652299741
Catalog Number: 974-1
Number of Pages: 208
Year Published: 2021

Mindful Fundraising includes a special Fundraising during Crisis chapter, written in the fall of 2020, addresses the burning issues faced by organizations around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where do I start? People who need to raise money for any type of organization often wonder how to take the first steps. How can I ask others for money? Should I travel to make my pitch? What kind of materials should I send out? These questions and many more are addressed in this practical, nuts-and-bolts guide to fundraising by a seasoned professional. A chapter on fundraising in times of crisis sensitively addresses the most pressing issues fundraisers face today.

For everyone from beginners to CEOs and lay leadership of nonprofit organizations, this is the ultimate insider's guide!.

Praise for Mindful Fundraising:

An important belief of Judeo-Christian doctrine is “To whom much is given, much is required.”
In his new book, Mindful Fundraising, Sagi Melamed clearly addresses the fundamental concept of “paying it forward.” When we have been blessed, we are all called to be a blessing to others accordingly and to share this concept with the world. I am thankful for both the fundraisers and the donors – each contribute to making our world a better place for all. Those in need should never be afraid to ask for help. Everyone is called to humbly and generously contribute to those in need.

David Steward, Founder and Chairman, World Wide Technology

Sagi Melamed takes the mystery and fear out of fundraising with a straightforward, clearly written how-to book. It will be useful not only for the professional starting out, but equally for the volunteer board member who wants to help an organization pull its fundraising act together. It’s full of important suggestions as well as examples of how gifts are asked for and achieved. Melamed has done a big favor for the fundraising field and the causes we hold so dear.
Stephen H. Hoffman, Chairman, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation

Replete with anecdotes from his own experience and that of a wide range of colleagues, Sagi Melamed’s Mindful Fundraising offers accessible, engaging, practical advice to professional and volunteer fundraisers. While providing pragmatic guidance on all elements of a fundraising organization, Melamed vibrantly, gratifyingly illustrates the human side of the work and the satisfaction to be had in helping organizations achieve their goals and realize their missions.
Tamara Rogers, Former Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development, Harvard University

Fundraising may be the most underrated profession in the world. Yet it enables private philanthropy, which is the engine for high culture and making a better world. Private philanthropy makes possible new approaches and disruptive creativity. Thanks to private initiatives, new people and new visions can be brought forward to enable transformation of a mediocre status quo to projects of greatness. Pioneering philanthropy brings attention to the neglected and the overlooked; it initiates treatment for the as yet not identified problems and develops solutions. In the end, fundraising makes an infinite number of good projects possible.

In this book, Sagi Melamed introduces us to this neglected profession. With story and wisdom, he teaches people the ropes and guides them on how to make their dreams come true. He explains the priceless value of connecting donors to a cause that will give depth and meaning to their lives. The entire book communicates the nobility of the profession – even as it gives practical and insightful guidelines to the amateur and professional fundraiser alike.
Blu Greenberg, author of On Women and Judaism and How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household; and Yitz Greenberg, President of the J.J. Greenberg Institute for the Advancement of Jewish Life

Sagi Melamed’s masterful work, filled with practical advice, comes from years of experience and a unique empathy for the philanthropist. His recommendations are doable because they are tried and tested. Most important, as he demystifies the field of fundraising, he elevates. You will be edified and inspired with confidence, pride of accomplishment, and an eagerness to excel.
Perry Davis, President, Perry Davis Associates

At last, a meaningful book on the subject of fundraising. Thank you, Sagi, for writing this invaluable book that will help people worldwide. Mindful Fundraising is destined to become a classic on the art and science of resource development.
Robert L. Shook, New York Times best-selling author

Passing on wisdom of experience and learning is one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other in a profession. Mindful Fundraising is a testament to Sagi Melamed’s generous nature as he shares his journey of learning and the
lessons of the many fundraisers, donors, and teachers who have impressed upon him during his established career. This is not only a deeply personal reflection on the fundamental principles that make up successful fundraising, but a demonstration of what makes our sector stronger – integrity, authenticity, and resilience to facilitate positive change in the world.

Kim van Niekerk, fundraising lecturer and consultant, United Kingdom

Mindful Fundraising is a must-read for anyone involved in fundraising. Sagi Melamed makes the process of raising money clear and accessible to novice and seasoned readers alike. His anecdotes range from humorous to sobering and always offer valuable insight. Sagi is a true professional, and his book provides the reader with unparalleled access to his experience and acuity. Fundraising may never have been as challenging as it is now, and Mindful Fundraising is the guide that will benefit anyone in this endeavor.
Larry Smith, businessman, philanthropist, and Trustee of Suffolk University, Boston

In Mindful Fundraising, Sagi Melamed provides professional and volunteer fundraisers a clear, practical, and immediately useful guide to fundraising. He brings this guidance to life with his own stories and stories of friends around the world, showing us that everyone can be successful at fundraising and that bringing organizations and donors together can be both deeply rewarding and fun. Above all, he reminds us that fundraising is about three Rs: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who wants to facilitate the generosity of donors and help them make our world a better place.
Ronald J. Schiller, Founding Partner, Aspen Leadership Group; former Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development, University of Chicago; author of Belief and Confidence: Donors Talk about Successful Philanthropic Partnership

What is the mindset of the fundraiser toward fulfilling his dream? Is it one of a beggar who sticks out his hand and asks for help? Or the marvel of a visionary, who offers wealthy individuals the opportunity to invest their money with confidence? Sagi Melamed confronts the reader with the deep insight that the fundraiser must bring to the encounter in order to find a partner in the vision and its implementation. Readers of this book will discover the sensitivity in the work of fundraising and the sense of respect inherent in this profession.
Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau, Founder, 929 Tanakh B’Yachad daily Bible study initiative

Business entrepreneurship and resource development share many aspects. In both fields, you need the vision and talent to dream and to paint the dream in bright, inspirational colors. You must enlist partners, and you must push to fulfill the dream with professionalism, perseverance, and enthusiasm. Sagi Melamed skillfully demonstrates the fundamentals of fundraising. This is a must-read for anyone who ever dreamed but did not dare.
Imad Telhami, Founder and Chairman, Babcom

I warmly recommend this essential guide, which represents a comprehensive and in-depth compendium of knowledge, theory, and methods in the fundraising field. Anyone who volunteers or works in fundraising understands that they must learn the values and work methods of this field. They must study the use of tools, wise implementation of professional judgment, and the scientific and practical fundamentals of fundraising activity. This book is written in a friendly, clear format and is enriched with examples and explanations that bring the material alive. I would like to thank Sagi personally for this book, which has been so lacking for us as leaders in this area.
Prof. Eliezer Yaffe, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

In Mindful Fundraising, Sagi Melamed provides invaluable, practical insights and strategies for both the resource development professional and the anxious volunteer who dreads asking for a gift. He reminds us that charitable fundraising is sacred work, then provides the tools for being effective instruments in furthering the causes in which we believe. If you want to raise your game as a force for tikkun olam, Mindful Fundraising is a must-read!
Jeremy Friedman, businessman and philanthropist, Canada

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