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What Israelis Can Teach the World
Authors: Naomi L Baum
Michael Dickson
Price: $18.00 
Special Price: $16.40
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9657023467
ISBN 13: 9789657023464
Catalog Number: 7023-46 g7346
Year Published: 2020

Part-history, part-biography, part-self-help manual, ISResilience is a study of a nation that has had to collectively and individually hang tough like no other country on earth.

Each chapter comprises an interview with a compelling Israeli personality – some famous, some not, but all exceptional – profiles them, and traces the characteristic that unites them all – resilience - extrapolating from them life lessons that can teach everyone of us to be stronger people.

From well-known leaders making life-and-death decisions to ordinary people who have overcome incredible loss to do inspirational things – meet the Israelis that thrive against all odds, and learn how you can too.

Absorb yourself in the stories of people who:
  • toughed it out in a Soviet Gulag to emerge a human rights icon
  • overcame disability to pioneer tech helping paraplegics walk again
  • fell from the sky, beating death and emerging an Olympic hero
  • withstood 90 body burns to lead an iconic victory in battle
  • survived the Nazis turning from child orphan refugee to spiritual leader
  • broke through the glass ceiling to become a female Colonel
  • went from having limbs blown off to winning high office
  • overcame death threats to find his voice as an Arab in the Jewish State
  • climbed Mount Everest to forgo reaching the peak in order to save a life
  • gave up NBA fame to take a tiny country to basketball glory
  • got elected to parliament, refusing to have others in her community define what a women could achieve
  • turned unbearable grief into a promise to ease the pain of others
  • walked barefoot from Africa to reach the Promised Land

    …and learn the keys to their resilience.

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