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Esra’s Soups and Salads
Esra’s Soups and Salads

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Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $9.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9652293326
ISBN 13: 9789652293329
Number of Pages: 168
Year Published: 2004

The recipes included in this book have been submitted by the members and friends of Esra from America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and many other countries. Some of the recipes in this book are of famous chefs from first class hotels in Eilat. All of them have been tested and are original creations, as well as great for diets.
A recipe is more than the “sum of its parts.” To make it work you need the input of the cook. So it is with the ESRA organization, which contains an extensive group of English-speaking volunteers all of whom bring their own unique abilities and interests to allow them to respond to the many needs of the people that ESRA serves.
This cookbook, filled with a delicious and versatile range of soups and salads, is also a fund-raising for ESRA’s many community fund projects, such as financial assistance for individual families in crisis, support of learning centers, scholarships for school pupils, university students and professional courses, employment related projects and many more. Gefen is proud to be a part of this fundraising project.
The perfect gift for friends and relatives.

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