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Phantom Nation (2 Volume Set)
Phantom Nation (2 Volume Set)

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Inventing the “Palestinians” as the Obstacle to Peace
Author: Sha’i Ben Tekoa
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $70.00 
Special Price: $60.00
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652299251
ISBN 13: 9789652299253
Catalog Number: 925-3 / g925
Number of Pages: 1201
Year Published: 2017

“Meticulously researched.… These volumes are packed with more information than any single book on the history of Israel. Ben-Tekoa chronicles it all – from the early pre-state Zionists to the rebirth of the Jewish state, through the endless wars and terrorism to the present Holocaust denial and international anti-Semitism.…I highly recommend Ben-Tekoa’s work. Phantom Nation belongs in homes, libraries, and should be studied by all Israel support organizations.”
Ruth King
Board of Directors, Americans for a Safe Israel

Who are the “Palestinians”? Why is there no book in any library on the planet narrating their history? Why are there no references in United Nations records to the “Palestinians” for the first quarter-century of UN resolutions of the Arab-Israeli conflict?
Phantom Nation is an exhaustive survey of historical records and news accounts that demonstrates conclusively that the Arabs currently inhabiting the land of Israel have no indigenous ties to the area, and that “Palestinian” nationalism is verbal camouflage for belligerent Islam and functions as this generation’s politically correct, even fashionable mutation of the ageless fear, loathing and hatred of Jews.

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