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Hilarious Hebrew
Price In Israel NIS 40
Hilarious Hebrew

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The fun and fast way to learn the language
Authors: Yael Breuer
Eyal Shavit
Aubrey Smith (illustrator)
Price: $13.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 0993106005
ISBN 13: 9780993106002
Catalog Number: d600 / 80-993-106
Number of Pages: 194
Year Published: 2014

Hilarious Hebrew is a book that will help you memorise Hebrew words in a FUN and FAST way, with no tedious repetition. Hilarious Hebrew is for anyone interested in learning new Hebrew words and the method used works wonderfully for ANYBODY, whether they consider themselves good at learning a foreign language or not. All you need to do is... read the carefully constructed sentences, enjoy the illustrations or simply imagine the situations described in the sentences - you will be amazed at your ability to remember the new words! This is how it works: Each new word is taught in the context of a sentence, written in English, that teaches the pronunciation of the word in Hebrew as well as its meaning through the contents of the sentence. For example, as the Hebrew word for 'house' is 'buyit', our sentence is: 'what a lovely HOUSE! I think I'm going to BUY IT'. Or, as the Hebrew for 'cold' is 'kar', our sentence reads -'it's COLD in my CAR'

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