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Shenboov Playing Games
Shenboov was founded in 2009 by Rama Rafael and Efrat Reis, who have a vision of stacking the shelves in toy stores and homes with games which are not only fun for children (and adults, too) but also have an added value of educational and mind-challenging content presented in eye catching designs.

Shenboov's aim is to reintroduce the market to card and board games to play with family and friends, an aim which is manifested in our four-of-a-kind card games which are conceived, designed and manufactured by Shenboov.

Our products are unique and add value to every game in that they:
  • Include extra content which expands the educational value of each card, a feature which is not typical of other cards games.
  • Present the information in rich language.
    Span a variety of topics that enrich the players’ general knowledge.
  • Were reviewed and approved by leading experts in the respective fields of knowledge.
    For each game, we chose a different artist with a unique style that complements the topic of the game.

Our products are made with a high quality finish.

And here’s the answer to a question many have asked: What does Shenboov mean? Well, Shenboovin Hebrew means Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) or antbear, which is a mammal native to Africa. We think the Shenboov is a fascinating animal which looks part rabbit, part pig, part kangaroo, to mention just a few, and which chooses to eat, of all things...ants!

We chose the Aardvark as our logo because we love the creativity, humor and unconventional fusion it represents – all of which are our guiding values.
Shenboov Playing Games
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