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Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold is a native of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY, where he grew up and attended Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. He continued his learning at Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore and at the Ponevezh Yeshiva and Chevron Yeshiva in Israel. He received his rabbinic ordination from Chief Rabbi Isaac Halevy Herzog and from HaRav Yaacov Yitzchak Ruderman, Rosh Hayeshiva of Ner Yisroel.

He also received a doctorate in Talmudic Letters from Ner Yisroel. In 1959 Rabbi Gold founded the Ner Yisroel Yeshiva College in Toronto and built Congregation Bínei Torah of Willowdale, Ontario. In 1971 Rabbi Gold accepted the position as spiritual leader of the growing community of Young Israel of West Hempstead. He built one of the first eruvin in North America, which quickly became a model for communities worldwide.

In 1982 the Golds fulfilled their dream of making aliyah, where he has been in the forefront for the struggle for Eretz Yisroel. He is the founder and rav of Kehilat Zichron Yosef of Har Nof, Jerusalem, and is founder and dean of the Avrom Silver Jerusalem College for Adults, which has become the educational arm of the Israel Center.

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Touching History
Touching History
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Memiors of Rabbi Shalom Gold
This gripping memoir tells the personal story...