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Sharir (paintings)
David Sharir was born in 1938 in Israel, the son of Russian immigrants. He began his study of art in Tel Aviv and continued in Florence and Rome where he studied architecture and theater design. His set designs include such productions as Peer Gynt for the Habima, Israel's National Theater (1970-71) and Hansel and Gretl for the Opera Company of Boston (1978-79). The brightly colored costumes and intricate stage designs he created for these productions have profoundly influenced his art. In 1966, Sharir moved to Jaffa and it was here that his hallmark style was truly developed. His studio, his family, and his spiritual devotion all serve as inspiration for the imagery in his work. His evolving style combines personal experience, Biblical symbolism, and fantasy. Today, Sharir has earned a place as a leading Israeli artist. The artist currently resides in Tel Aviv where he continues to live and work in the spirit of celebration.

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David's Psalms
David's Psalms
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Original painter and set designer, throughout...