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Jean-Marc Dufour-Dror is an Israeli ecologist focusing mainly on issues related to applied ecology. He specializes in alien invasive plants in Israel. His recent studies focused on control methods and management strategies of invasive species in natural areas, as well as along transportation networks. Jean-Marc Dufour-Dror developed a targeted chemical control method against invasive trees such as Acacia saligna and Ailanthus altissima for the Israel Nature & Parks Authority, which is now implemented in Israel and in Cyprus. He successfully tested a control method for Ambrosia confertiflora based on the restoration of native vegetation along riverbanks in Israel. His recent works focus on management strategies designed to prevent further proliferation of invasive plant species and to reduce the extent of infested sites in natural areas. He is the editor of the least wanted ornamental alien plant species in Israel (list published in 2013).
J.M. Dufour-Dror has been a consultant and advisor for ecology issues at the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection since 2006 and is the main consultant for invasive plants at the Nature & Parks Authority.

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Alien Invasive Plants in Israel
Alien Invasive Plants in Israel
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