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Ellen Sabin is the founder of Watering Can®. She started the series rather unintentionally after writing The Giving Book as a gift for her 6-year-old niece. The Giving Book caught on… parents asked where to buy it, teachers wanted copies, parenting specialists encouraged it to be shared. The seed was planted. Friends, experts, publishers and well-wishers jumped in to encourage and help.

The positive reactions to this special gift led to its publication and the creation of a company focused on offering unique products that engage, excite and educate children.

Since the creation of Watering Can Press, Ellen has found other topics that continue to inspire her to write more books. She's developed books on positive role models, embracing our differences, expanding our understanding of the world, and learning to overcome difficult challenges.

Ellen grew up in a family of givers and learned the power and importance of being a caring individual and helping others at a young age.

Then, she went to school – a LOT of school. She studied at Emory, at NYU, at the London School of Economics and at Harvard… so that she could take everything she learned and work for non-profit causes.

Ellen then turned her passions into a vocation. She’s spent her whole career devoted to working for, or running, non-profit organizations. Among others, she’s worked on efforts to: provide healthcare to the homeless, develop systems to care for AIDS patients, promote the donation of organs for transplantation, reduce infant mortality in developing countries, help refugees, support healthy relationships and empower leadership and self-esteem.

Along the way, she’s volunteered – creating health clinics in rural Mexico, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, serving as a Patient Advocate in an Emergency Room, mentoring, raising funds, and advising. She’s found the joys of donating- her time, her energy, her money, and kind acts.

Ellen is available to visit your school/bookstore and for speaking engagements or author signings.
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The Giving Book (Hebrew)
The Giving Book (Hebrew)
Price: $22.95 $21.50
Hebrew title: Sefer Hanetina
Sefer Hanetina is a Hebrew translation of The...