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Rabbi Schwartz is a graduate of Yeshiva University, with a Master's from the Bernard Revel Graduate School, and ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

He currently serves as Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development for the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Institute, located at the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Served as rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel Abraham and Voliner located Overland Park, Kansas, from 1991-2000. In June of 2000 he went on aliyah, together with his wife, Deena, and their four children.

Rabbi Schwartz is also a mohel, and lives in Hashmonaim, a yishuv just north of Modiin.

Books: Where’s My Miracle? Exploring Jewish Traditions for Dealing with Tragedy
Topics to speak about: Miracles, theodicy and suffering, Judaism: Next Steps, Biblical passages that have changed the world
Facebook: Morey Schwartz
Twitter: ravmorey
Regions to speak in: Any and all English speaking countries
Are there any significant past appearances you’d like to mention? Presenter: Limmud 2010 South Africa, Jewish Book Month Speaker 2010 in North America
Do you have any future scheduled appearances, if so what is the venue, date, contact and topic? Dallas, March 10 – on my book
Special remarks/notes: I travel to North America several times a year and may be able to include talks as part of these trips

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Where's My Miracle?
Where's My Miracle?
Price: $24.95 $18.00
Exploring Jewish Traditions for Dealing with Tragedy
At one time or another every person of faith ...