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Mayer Abramowitz was born in Jerusalem. At the age of nine he came with his parents to the US. When his parents returned to Palestine, he remained in the States to finish high school. When he received a scholarship to Yeshiva College, he stayed on to get his BA and later was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

In World War II, he was a US Army Chaplain in Europe and Austria, serving as liaison to the Displaced Persons. Following his demobilization he was Chief Emigration Officer for JDC in Italy where he helped close the DP Camps by resettling the survivors. The US Holocaust Commission cited him as a Liberator.

Upon his return to the States, he served as National Co-Chairman of the State of Israel Bonds Rabbinic Cabinet, Vice President of the JNF, and Founder and Dean of the Jewish Leadership Institute.

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Unsafe Haven
Unsafe Haven
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A complex and intriguing historical novel, sp...