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The Red Book
The Red Book
Vertebrates in Israel
Authors: Amit Dolev
Avi Perevolotsky
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

Price: $115.00
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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 965904660X
ISBN 13: 9789659046607
Number of Pages: 318
Year Published: 2005

Israel is a bird lovers country and this comprehensive book will help both the novice bird watcher as well as the expert Ornithologist.

The Red Book: Vertebrates in Israel is the guide that any and all lovers of wildlife require on their bookshelves. It charts Israelís environment, listing in great detail the various endangered vertebrates that live in this remarkably small and impressively ecologically dense landscape.

Although Israel is a small country, it possesses a unique diversity of animal species unlike anywhere else in the world. 511 different species have been recorded over the area of only 28,000 km.

li30 freshwater fishes\li
li100 mammals\li
li100 reptilians\li
li200 birds\li
li283 species pass over the county during both migration seasons\li

The Red Book: Vertebrates in Israel features-

liSome 46 photographs of different species\li
liClear maps showing the birds migration patterns and areas of habitat\li
liBackground on the biogeographic history of fauna in Israel\li
liFreshwater fishes in Israel\li
liEndangered species\li