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Author Testimonials

  • Zahava D. Englard author of The Gilboa Iris, an Israel based novel of suspense and romance
    Working with Gefen Publishing House in publishing The Gilboa Iris has been a pleasant experience in every sense of the word. I'd like to convey my appreciation to Ilan Greenfield and Michael Fischberger, for trusting in the success of this project, enabling me to see it through and making it all possible. A special acknowledgement to Lyn and Esther who have been an incredible source of assistance on all levels of production as well as to Andy Kohlenberg, for his marketing skills and his ever readiness to offer advice in this field. A special mention likewise goes to Ita Olesker, my editor who was wonderful to work with. I also am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with an exceptionally talented graphic designer hired by Gefen, Estee Weiser Kreisman, to design the cover of The Gilboa Iris, which has received a great deal of praise. Gefen Publishing House offers a warm atmosphere of cooperation where I know that I am just a phone call away from speaking to Ilan and Michael.
    Zahava D. Englard
    May, 6, 2013

  • Michael Toben, author of Hakol Baseder booklet, CD and interactive packet
    Shalom Ilan, I wish to thank you for taking on the enterprise of publishing our Haggadah -HaKol BeSeder. I am sure you committed considerable resources to this project and I pray it will be successful. I have found the atmosphere in the office conducive to a pleasant working relationship and I have been very impressed by your proof-readers, their efficiency and professionalism and Lynn's invalauable assistance. I have only recently had contact with Esther, but she too seems to fit in well. Your choice of graphic artist has been a key factor in the initial success of the book. Thank you for all this, but mostly for taking on the project and seeing it through. I believe there is still much that could be done, translations into Russian and French, for example, and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again and Mazal Tov, Michael Toben
    April, 3, 2013